Meet The Team

Amy Gates - Creative Director

Entrepreneurship has always been in Amy's veins. Prior to designing pillows, her career path was all about teaching and inspiring new business owners to know and understand their accounting systems. She ran her own accounting firm for several years and along the way somewhere realized she had a true passion for creating beautiful throw pillows - strange but true! As a natural host who loves a cozy home, she started feeling like there weren't very many options for truly unique and personalized home decor items. It was all starting to feel the same. She knew she didn't want something mass-produced that would fall apart in just a couple of seasons and she couldn't find the authentic, handmade creations she she turned to her own sewing machine! Now two years later, her line of popular embroidered throw pillows runs the gamut from leather cabin pillows to beautiful, spring designer pillows. Rest assured, however, every zipper and stitch still comes from her own hands and heart.

Corey Gates - CEO

Victoria Wilczek - Social Media Manager

Based in Austin, Texas, Victoria elevates the Home and Hearth's brand visibility and engagement. When she's not celebrating the newest pillow design on Instagram, Victoria spends her days as an activity coordinator for a local senior community.

Jayme Graham - Email Marketing Manager

Jayme excels at strategizing and executing impactful campaigns. She brings a wealth of experience gained from the entertainment industry. Away from the desk, Jayme finds balance by staying active and maintaining a routine.