5 ways to be kind to your maker friends this month

5 ways to be kind to your maker friends this month

Do you have friends who run e-commerce shops and make products?  It pays to remember that this is the start of the really busy season for them.  I make cabin decor pillows and accessories and I can tell you that the season has definitely heated up in the last 2 weeks.  Here are 5 ways to be kind to them this season.

-Send us a card in the mail.  We love knowing you're thinking about us, but we seriously don't have time for that coffee date. 

-Send them a text to remind them to take a short break, step outside and take some deep breaths.  Just the quick reminder is enough to break into the stress.

-Offer to play with their dog for an afternoon.  Please.  Somebody.  Play with Theo.

-Drop off cooked and ready to eat food.  Especially if you know their favorite treat.  Try to go low on sugar cuz we're already living on that.  Don't plan to stay & eat with us - reference #1.

-Don't remind us that it won't last forever.  That makes us nervous because we know the quiet season is coming and the bills don't stop for the summer.

Thanks for thinking of us and we'll see you again soon!  Check out our shop page for the latest product releases and new coupons!  https://homeandhearthmarket.com


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